Wee Bit of ME! Wednesday

{one} what time do you normally wake up?
at the buttcrack of dawn, at about 6:30am when my dogs lick me to death to get their breakfast.

{two} do you have a go-to song for karaoke?
no, i’ve never done karaoke, but i want to…this may be the only thing Britney is good for.

{three} if you could only see black and white except for one color, what color would you choose to see?
hot pink, just because i like it.

{four} what color best matches your personality?
probably red (even though i’m not a fan of that color)…i can lose my temper…ask Boyfriend

{five} if you could choose one meal to cook better than anyone else, what would it be?
lasagna!!!!! it’s my favorite, and i’d love to have the best meat-alternative to prove to everyone meat isn’t always necessary

{six} how many keys do you have on your key ring?
enough to be an annoyance…i’m at 5

{seven} do you give your pets birthday/christmas gifts?
hell yeah! how mean would that be for them to watch me and all my gift-opening glory only to receive nothing? they get a stocking and they get to open bags filled with toys (thanks, Mom)…mostly because they are tortured wearing their “give me presents or I’ll pee on your tree” tshirts

{eight} when your plate has different foods on it, do you mix or not?
oh.my.gosh…i can’t mix…i am very picky about mixing flavors…you caught me

Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today. ~James Dean



  1. Nikki says:

    First of all, LOVE your holiday blog theme!! SO SO cute!! My puppy gets Christmas and birthday presents too. We always try to do something special on his birthday, and he has a stocking and gets gifts on Christmas. He's a family member!!


  2. Van says:

    Nice to meet you! When I had a kitty she had her own stocking. When I have (hopefully two!) cats again, I jsut might have to make them their own stockings. Not that they would care πŸ™‚

    I agree with others, lovely blog theme. I have found you from “Welcome Wednesday” and I look forward to reading more of your blog posts.


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