Travel Tuesday’s Top 10 Beach Cities

according to National Geographic

1. Barcelona, Spain
A beautiful city with grand architecture and 8 white-sand beaches along the Mediterranean coastline. Lay under the Spanish sun or enjoy a drink at one of the many cafes. As if Barcelona wasn’t already on my list…

2. Cape Town, South Africa
I, myself, have not looked into many travel destinations in South Africa but I won’t forget about these beaches next time I plan a trip. 20 gorgeous beaches within distance, whether you choose to visit the warm Indian ocean or the cooler Atlantic. Perfect sunset views.

3. Honalulu, Hawaii
Waikiki beach is located on the south shore of Honalulu and is home to a plethora of resorts. It’s perfect for novice surfers or anyone who enjoys soaking up the sun alongside calm, turquoise water. (This is in the running for my honeymoon destination!) Looks like the perfect place to get a few surf lessons to me!

4. Nice, France
If you’ve seen The Killers, you got a decent look at Nice. I added it to my must-see places after watching that movie. There are over 35 beaches to choose from but bring your flip flops because la plage is covered with galets aka smooth stones.

5. Miami Beach, Florida
Last August, I visited the infamous South Beach, and I must say the weather really ruined my trip. The beach looked like it may have had potential had I not visited during hurricane season where the sand was churned up into the waves creating a dirty-looking beach. I’m sure I will go back again, just not in August!

6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
This may be the beach destination in South America…from Copacabana with teenie weenie bikinis to the more upscale Ipanema, the 25 miles of shoreline in Rio de Janeiro looks breathtaking. Year-round sun and white beaches, dancing the samba until dawn, and enjoying the nightlife, what more could you ask for?! But traveler beware – June to August can be a little wet!

7. Santa Monica, California
This beach town is located in Southern California is perfect for anyone seeking an active, outdoor vacation. You can enjoy anything from surfing to volleyball to outdoor chess or beachside gymnastics. And after all that activity, don’t plan on going to bed early…there’s plenty of swanky nightclubs for you to check out.

8. Sydney, Australia
Sydney is located on Australia’s south-east coast of the Tasman Sea. Warm summers and mild winters. Take a good look at the Sydney Opera House or Luna Park or just let the warm sun envelop you. Surf’s up!

9. Tel Aviv, Israel
This city is home great beaches, each unique in its ambiance and inhabitants. In the summer, the beach is the place to be, with cool water and a refreshing sea breeze. In the winter the weather shapes the water and sand into the best and most dynamic artwork in the city.

10. Vancouver, British Columbia
Ok, I admit it, I wasn’t exactly planning on seeing this beach squeeze itself into the top ten, but I won’t argue. I’ve never been. You’re surprised that there are any beaches in Vancouver because all you’ve ever heard is how much it rains? Well it does rain every now and then, but in the summer most days are long, warm and sunny, perfect days for hanging out at the beach. And if you’re looking for a nudie beach, Wreck Beach is just for you!

{images via Getty images}



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