February, Hurry Up Please!

I’m not a fan of the winter months in Illinois, they’re cold, windy, and they make me want to hibernate on my couch with a blanket. But this year, I’m anxiously awaiting February’s arrival.

The last time Boyfriend and I went on a vacation was 2 years ago and we ventured to Las Vegas for 3 days. We had fun but we were so broke that most of the time we were counting our money and by the last day we’d bled our bank accounts dry. Yet another one of my genius birthday gifts. Heh.

This year, we’re doing it right. Within our means…as much as humanly possible considering a vacation is not within our budget whatsoever. Wisconsin Dells is a cute vacation town just 2 hours away from us. It’s a waterpark capitol. I’ve only ever been there in the summer – and I’ve yet to stay at their newest resort. But this is also when the room prices are at their peak. The rates our discounted greatly in the winter considering Wisconsin Dells becomes a much sleepier place. No one can even use the outdoor water parks or the various other outdoor attractions. Fine by me – we’ll still have our indoor water park!

You’ll be able to find me floating around this lazy river this February! And probably getting my ass beat by Boyfriend while racing go-karts. It’s Boyfriend and I’s 3 year anniversary on Valentine’s Day. (cliche, I know) We’ve saved over $200 on our room just by booking in a winter month. And we have a whirlpool condo suite complete with fireplace, kitchen, and wet bar! We will only be staying one night but we can hang out at the waterpark for 2 whole days so that will be sufficient.

I love vacationing, especially when it’s cheap! So, c’mon February and get here already!

Where do you take weekend trips or cheap trips to? Just curious. πŸ™‚

If you wait, all that happens is that you get older. ~Larry McMurtry, Some Can Whistle



  1. Jessica says:

    This weekend we're headed to the Outer Banks (NC). Got a great deal on a beach house, 4 bedroom with hot tub and indoor pool. With the recession AND it being winter, we're saving big bucks. Of course, we're going down to run a marathon, so we'll really not be able to use much of the house- just the hot tub.


  2. Jessi says:

    Thank you…I am counting down the downs, especially since this means I will be able to use my new Vera Bradley duffel bag I'm getting for Christmas.

    And I'm all for less screaming kids…as mean as that sounds. No thanks.


  3. Aimee says:

    Super exciting!! I love taking vacations with my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I first “hooked up” on Valentines Day lol but we dont count our anniversary until March. ANd this march it will our 3 year as well.

    Thats sooo cool, an indoor water park. Not really necessary over here in southern CA.

    I take weekend trips to Vegas and San Diego


  4. nic says:

    Thanks Jessi! I just love it and feel so conceited because I've checked myself out fifty million times today already. haha.

    So the hubs & I have been planning a trip to see my sister in Denver. She'd been saying to come in February since it'd be nice & cold (we live in louisiana) and might snow, but not blizzard. Hubby's never been to Colorado & I've only been during the summer…we kept procrastinating about buying tickets but were glad we did! Another fellow blogger posted recently the SW was having a HUGE sale if you bought your tickets before October 29th and were traveling during certain dates from December – February. We totally got round trip for both of us for $279, including taxes & fees. We couldn't be more excited, but now just want it to get here!
    Your getaway sounds wonnnderful. Enjoy!


  5. Grace says:

    next time your in vegas sign up for all the reward clubs. It's a pain and they usually have a line but the perks definitely add up. While your there you get comped for a lot of stuff and throughout the year you get really good deals on rooms.


  6. Gina Alfani says:

    Hey Jessi . . . thanks for following me, I'm following you back πŸ™‚

    Since we live off the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, a weekend at the beach isn't a long venture away from home, but it is awesome. Love the beach!

    Your upcoming vacation sounds wonderful!

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend . . . Gina


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