Big weekend…and by that I mean I just got done watching How To Train Your Dragon. And since I already admitted that, I’ll also own up to the fact that it’s my favorite movie of the year! So cute! If you haven’t seen it yet… go DO IT!

In other news, HAPPY HALLOWEEN.

But most importantly *drum roll please*

I was at work today, doing the same boring work that I always do and daydreaming about winning the lottery and buying an island (and somehow having a perfect body and growing two cup sizes but that’s besides the point) when my fellow co-worker/bucket-lister and I had a lightning bolt!

An idea for an amazing project soon to change lives of people like you and me going from day to ordinary day eating salads and going shopping. Ok, so perhaps changing lives is a bit much. Right now all we have is an idea and a blog with one boring post by yours truly. But in the near future after some hard work and dedication we’ll have something special.

So, if anyone at all who is already silly enough to read my blog would like to help us out – all we need is a quick little visit to The Bucket Project and for you to tell us one thing you want to do before you kick the bucket.

And if anyone wants to really help me…how does one make signatures (for the bottom of your blog)? Or know of anyone who makes them?

Thanks to all of you lately for your comments and those of you who follow me and actually read my nonsense!



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