Fall or Summer Wedding?


It’s true, I am not yet engaged. However, Boyfriend and I are planning on getting married…at some point. We’re young so there’s no hurry, but I could also use a vacation sooner than later. A honeymoon would be a really great excuse.

I can’t say that I’ve always wanted to get married, this is a very, very recent development for me. Based only on how much Boyfriend means to me. If it weren’t for him I’d probably still be walking around saying true love doesn’t exist. Some days I want nothing more than to punch my boyfriend in the face, but even then I still love him. So now I’m here.

In the daydreaming-about-my-stupid-wedding stages. I figured the first decision to make would be when I would want to have my wedding. And don’t start thinking I’m crazy, I swear I’m not…atleast when it comes to this. I’m just very picky and I’d like to be prepared considering we’ve decided this will be happening sooner than later.

Here in Northern Illinois, winter is harsh and there is practically no spring. It snows right up until May, stays cool, and then all the sudden it’s nice and toasty in mid-June. This obviously eliminates winter and spring. So the question of the moment is…fall or summer?

Until a few weeks ago, I was leaning towards summer. Probably June before it gets too hot. Boyfriend isn’t exactly a fan of really hot weather. (I am the opposite.) I am kind of liking some of the fall color schemes though.

What season were all of you married women married in? Or what season would you want to have your wedding in? Suggestions?

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  1. Lindsey A. says:

    My sister got married in fall, and the colors were really beautiful–lots of deep reds, oranges and browns. I got married in summer, though, because the town we got married in is a huge college football town, and fall pretty much wasn't an option if we wanted our guests to have hotel rooms. I loved our summer wedding. Our color scheme was yellow and ivory, and our favors were sandalwood fans, but it was HOT. My sister's wedding, on the other hand, was perfectly fall, but it ended up being really cold! Just figure out which season works for you logistically and make the most of it. They're all wonderful and you can plan a beautiful wedding around even a snowy day. When it gets down to it, just figure out when is best for both of you to honeymoon, how long you want to be engaged, etc., and that will help narrow down your decision. I
    originally wanted a spring wedding, but we would have been engaged for a year and six months, so that's how August came about. (I never, ever would have told you I would have an August wedding had you asked a year ago–but I loved it!)
    Wow! Sorry to comment bomb you. I just really like weddings πŸ™‚


  2. Leah says:

    Hi there! I'm your newest follower! I don't what it is but Fall just doesn't scream wedding season to me at all which is perhaps why some people decide to get married then. I'm not the biggest fans of the Fall colors I suppose. I think Spring would be the best time…like March, April or even May before it gets too hot. There's a lot to think about. It's certainly fun thinking about weddings and all the planning involved, huh?


  3. Nikki says:

    I wasn't much on dreaming about my wedding either. But I knew what I wanted when I was 15- small, simple beach wedding. We got married this past June and it was wonderful. Had I gone for a more traditional wedding, I might have looked at doing it in the fall. It is such a beautiful time of year. I think it all depends on where you are going to have it.


  4. Mrs. H says:

    I got married in the winter (in LA…but during a rainy year), and although it was cold, it was gorgeous. I love winter weddings.

    Regardless, I'm an event planner, and I can tell you from experience that you can make your wedding perfect for you at any season. And you can never really control the weather :).


  5. Alison says:

    I was married in the summer. Here in south Louisiana, we really don't have much of a fall. Although, I absolutely love the colors of fall! If I would have a 2nd wedding (like a vow renewal), it would be fall-themed!


  6. Emily says:

    Everyone seems to get married in the summer – I got married in the spring – but if I was to choose btw summer and fall, fall ALL the way! The last thing you want to do is sweat your butt off in a gorgeous dress. I would take rain, or cold over heat stroke anyday! Plus the colors for fall are beautiful, and you can do so many fun themes.
    You could have a wish tree with paper leaves people could write blessings for you and hang them on the branches – and you could use that as a fall decoration for many years to come!
    BTW – following you back!! πŸ™‚


  7. Anestazia says:

    You sound like me…
    Even when I was a kid, I grew up dreaming of being a successful career woman and had no ideas of getting married.

    Actually, the idea of marriage didn't even hit me until I was a senior in high school and one of my friends was talking about her sister's wedding and how she wanted to get married. I was like “We're only 17!” and she was like “Yeah, but my sister is only about 3 years older than us” (Well, it went something like that… high school seems like forever ago!!)

    But now, I'm that girl that secretly looks at wedding stuff from time to time, and would love if my boyfriend proposed sooner than later. I already have my dress picked out. πŸ™‚

    But I think late summer or early fall is a lovely time for a wedding. I don't know about Illinois, but in Northwest Ohio, its just super hot…



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