White Trash Spa Day

So, I have been seriously in need of a spa day. Who doesn’t think they deserve a spa day? Well, I’ve never had one and that technically won’t stop today. But I did take matters into my own hands and create the perfect white trash spa day.

See, even us broke bitches can have a little fun once in a while too.

I woke up feeling under the weather so I made a cup of tea and made a bubble bath with far too many bubbles. I’m talking bubbles overflowing onto the floor. Oops! won’t tell Boyfriend about that…when I finally convinced myself to hop out I slathered uncanny amounts of SkinCeuticals Body Polish to my heels and feet, and popped some ridiculous looking knee-high socks on. Put some slippers on and did my nails. I’m loving the OPI fall line.

I used Korres Quince Body Butter everywhere but my feet. It smells decent but most importantly it makes your skin super soft. (Sidenote: the best Korres product is definately the lip butter though. GET. IT. NOW!)

Then for the most hillbilly task of all. I boiled a pot of water and let it cool for a minute, then I threw a towel over my head and steamed the shit out of my face. Now, it’s not as relaxing as having a steam facial done at a spa considering you are hunched over a damn stove, but it’s the same thing, just it’s free. I like free.

And as I’m typing this, I have Dr. Brandt’s Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner on my t-zone. It has a really nice cooling sensation while it’s on and it turns a light blue hue when it’s ready to be washed off with warm water. Then just slather on a good moisturizer Borba’s Clarifying Concentrate.

#31. Have a true spa day – done…sort of cheated, but it’s my damn list.

And that’s how a white trash spa day is done for broke-ass ladies like myself. However, I’m sure a real – at an actual spa – day will show up on my next list. After I win the lottery…

Hope y’all are havin a great weekend!



  1. atomiclulu says:

    So when you see this.. I gotz me a question for ya HillBilly Princess.. I have heard amazing things about Dr B products for the face. I have a Tzone that wont quit including large pores around my nose. Do you notice a difference in your pore size shape and over all improvement with this ?

    <3 ya LuLu


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