Oh, Balls

Ahem, I mean cake balls. I tried to make the damn cake balls from Bakerella’s and all I did was waste 10 bucks and make a fucking mess. Great way to spend my day off.

I got my simple ingredients…made the vanilla cake mix as the box directed. Fine. Forgot to add my yellow and red food coloring like a complete moron. I was going for orange for Halloween. So, I said fuck it and mixed it all together in the pan. Fine.

Look mom, some idiot threw out this perfectly delicious container!
The cake baked, and then I had a little bit too much fun destroying the cake. You crumble it in a big bowl and then mix in cream cheese frosting. That went well – messy, but well. I popped those balls in the freezer for about half an hour and then moved on to the final step. Junior had an absolute field day with the cream cheese frosting container. That little bastard learned that from my older dog, Jay. They just can’t keep their noses out of the garbage can. No wonder they have to poop every 3 seconds. And yet I still love them.

The damn chocolate. I got Ghirardelli baking chocolate to melt and dip the cake balls into. The first 3 went well. I melted the chocolate in the microwave as directed. Then I tried to make my second batch of chocolate and this is where it all gets messed up. The chocolate wouldn’t melt properly. Then my balls were chunky. Then my mom tried to help save the chocolate by melting it slowly in a pot. That was a no go. I finally gave up.

And now in my fridge I have naked balls. Really sucks. Can’t cross that off my list just yet. Why can’t the baking Gods cut me a break? {insert heavy sighs/kicking computer desk right here}

I am not meant to bake, I am meant to mix alcoholic beverages. So this is how I perfected the pink hot chocolate versus the balls. Atleast I can get tipsy.

Speaking of hot chocolate…I tried Chili Chocolate this week. #41. I purchased some Lindt Chili Dark Chocolate from Walgreens and I was slightly nervous. It seems like such a strange combo to me. I got home and popped a square in my mouth. It was sweet like dark chocolate until the last few chews and I got the kick of the chili. But it was a perfect sweet/spicy blend. I loved it! I would recommend it to anyone who likes a subtle kick. Now I’m anxiously awaiting the next chilly fall night to stir up some Spicy Hot Cocoa. Mmmmm.

2 posts in 1 day? What a loser…



  1. Beth says:

    I love a blog in which the F-Bomb is dropped so easily in regards to baking!! Or knitting (that always gets me!) it's ballZ-y, I like that.

    Better luck next time, and I do hope you try again….cake balls rock!


  2. Nancy says:

    you have got to go to my blog and see 2 post I have. One is called cake balls the wrong way! and one Cake balls the right way. Yes, I too had a fiasco with my first attemp. Actually, I'm not sure they are worth the trouble. Everyone loved them, but again, what's to hate about candy coated cake?


  3. Mo 'Betta says:

    Stopping by from FFF and have read just a few posts…but loving it!! It's hilarious and I relate all to well πŸ˜› I, too, had a freakin' mess makin' the cake balls…the whole melted chocolate thing is apparently beyond my capabilities. I did have better luck with almond bark – but that's not nearly as good.


  4. Joni says:

    I haven't ventured down that road yet because those do seem a bit difficult but bakerella does make it seem so easy.

    just thought i would mention that chocolate melts at a certain temperature and you may want to consider getting a candy thermometer and heating it slowly on the stove in a double broiler. if you heat it too high it gets a weird consistency, like thick and crumbly and yet still gooey at the same time. it's weird.

    here is another idea though. you could just cover marshmallows instead. i don't really like chocolate covered marshmallows, or marshmallow anything really, but if you are simply going for super cute chocolate thing on a stick, then i bet you could do something similar with a marshmallow. however, it does sound to me like you had an issue with your melting temp.

    I am a new follower. I hope i didn't come on too strong sounding like a little miss know it all. I use a lot of chocolate and when i first started using it i had an issue until someone told me the very same thing. just passing on the wisdom of others. πŸ™‚

    I hope it works out better for you next time.



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