Don’t Shop – ADOPT!

About 4 years ago, I was living with my ex-boyfriend in a 2 bedroom apartment. He had the grand (note sarcasm) idea to get a puppy. He wanted a little guy that could greet him at the door and keep him company when I was working. (I had 3 jobs at the time.) So, we started looking. A few old neighbors of ours had told us easy it was to have a puppy in our apartment complex without paying the pet fees since most people there had dogs. We quickly learned that if we adopted, the shelters would call our landlord just to make sure we were allowed to have pets. They don’t want to have the poor dog end up back at the shelter.

So, we began looking at puppy stores. Again and again, my friends and I would spend our nights searching for the perfect companion. And one night, I found him. There was the strangest looking puppy with HUGE ears just taking a nap in his cage. The tag read “German Shepherd/Boxer Mix”…ok, what idiot would mix those two breeds together? (Bad sign #1.) So, as quickly as we could I asked to see my favorite little puppy. I should’ve seen the warning signs. They let him out so see us and he was off. He was running around the store pulling toys off their shelves and terrorizing the baby kitties. Once we finally caught him, and I held him in my arms, it was love at first sight. This was the one!

A short week later, my boyfriend, my dad, and I went and purchased my little JJ at the store. He cost my ex a whopping $800 since they made us purchase dog food as well. Dumb rule. He was my birthday present for my 19th birthday. He was 4 months old and he was a complete monster. (Still wish I would’ve named him that!)

Just a month after we had little Jay, my ex and I started arguing…about the dog. He hadn’t realized the responsibility that comes with a puppy. And the shedding! The potty training, the time, and the effort of training him. For the most part, he was a good puppy. Until he saw another dog and turned into a little terror. I loved him already. My ex quickly decided it was time for us to get rid of him, just like that. How irresponsible. I refused. And I also knew I didn’t belong with someone who doesn’t love animals the way that I was always taught to.

In the end, we broke up. I showed up on my parents doorstep one night much to their dismay with a puppy in the front seat and all my crap in the bed of my truck. Just like they warned me not to do when I got my baby. But, they were understanding and let us in. They learned to love Jay just as much as I did. And so, I consider Jay to be my first rescue – from a guy who shouldn’t have gotten him in the first place.

Jay’s 3 1/2 years old now, and he’ll be mine until the end. He’s still a monster but we love him just the same. And Boyfriend and I learned to adopt the second time around. Junior was our second edition, and he’s perfect aside from his separation anxiety. But when we got him, he was malnourished, had to have his tail amputated and had been living in a crawlspace. he was confiscated by animal cruelty officials in Chicago and Save A Pet Illinois got ahold of him. Then he found me. He was only $100 and he needed a home.

So, the moral of my story is ADOPT. There are so many animals in needs of homes, and until the demand at puppy stores diminishes, there will be puppy mills. I learned my lesson and I hope others can as well. Please spread the word about adopting pets and support your local shelters with donations, toys, or volunteering your time.

Here are some banners for your blog if you want to help spread the word:




  1. sunshine says:

    Excellent post, I love the whole story of how you adopted your dogs. We have 2 crazy ones of our own; one comes from our local Humane Society Shelter and the other from down the road where she was tight to a palm tree and where she survived a couple of tropical storms by herself… I agree with you 100%, always adopt, never buy, there are many wonderful dogs (and cats) in need of a good home and so much love. I will “adopt” one you your buttons now!


  2. Kassie says:

    A post very near and dear to my heart. I completely agree with you, adopt! And your furbabies are precious. Thank you for the banners, btw. I will be placing one on my blog.


  3. Love this post. I adopted one of my pups and I would tell anyone to do it. There are sooo many dogs out there that need a good home. Also wanted to thank you for linking up to FFF. I know I am late but I am now following you. Hope you are having a great weekend!

    xo, Supermom Alysha


  4. Ellen says:

    such a cute post lovely πŸ™‚ i am so pleased you never gave up on him he is absolutely adorable. Good on you sticking by what you thought. I would love a puppy but right now at uni i wouldn't have time – hopefully in the future.



  5. KCB says:

    I love this story! More people should adopt animals. πŸ™‚

    I found your blog on the Monday hop and I love it! I hope you visit mine and follow back if you'd like.

    KC @ One + One = Four


  6. Mama Hen says:

    It is so sad, but so true that there are so many little animals that need a home. Good for you! You have a new follower from the hop. I look forward to following your blog. Come visit Mama's Little Chick. Have a great day!

    Mama Hen


  7. He is so sweet. I got my favorite dog in the entire world, Beau at a shelter 6 years ago. He passed away suddenly in May – still make me tear up. He was the best pound puppy ever. Now a I have a boxer I rescued from a girl who didn't understand what kind of puppy he would be. He is crazy, but I love him!


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