Why Does India Get All The Fun?

After my Sunday plans being ruined, I decided since I had yesterday off, I might as well continue to enjoy my fall before it gets too cold, because at that point I curl up in my bed with some hot chocolate and hibernate until the spring is here. And in Chicago that’s normally not until late May, perhaps early June.

My friend Kendal and I headed over to Goebbert’s Farm to pick us some gourds, eat some pumpkin pie, drink some hot cider, and poke some animals. Thanks to my friend the internet, I realized that this farm had camel rides from September through October…who says you have to go to India to ride a camel?!

#97. Camel ride – complete. For the small fee of four dollars, I hopped on a camel and took a leisurely ride around a giant circle. I will admit I felt like I was a little but old to be getting excitement out of it, but hey! you only live once right? So, I walked up that platform and hopped on. No regrets.

I inadvertently re-did an older goal – feeding a giraffe, but this experience was much more fun than the first. This farm had the perfect set-up to get literally face to face with their adult giraffe, and the baby was right at your feet. They had a wooden platform built in front of their enclosure, complete with food dispensers that looked liek they contained cereal crumbs, although it didn’t smell like any cereal I would put into my mouth. There’s not much cooler in my book then being slimed by a huge giraffe. I was actually amazed at how many adult couples were there rubbing faces with all the smelly animals. How come my dates were always to the movies?

I also re-petted some adorable baby goats, as well as water buffalo, camels, deer, and some cattle with special names, even saw a liger. And my point in rambling those of was that I have now crossed off #100. Go to a petting zoo, despite the fact I’m suposed to be an adult. I can honestly say, aside from the lovely smell of the enclosures, I don’t think I’ll ever be too old to let a goat nibble on my finger. But I guess I am your typical tree-hugging, animal-loving, nutjob.

All in all, great extension of my weekend. I’m glad I have my old partner in crime back to drag around with me. And this time our only crime is being immature. So, nothing’s changed I guess. I’m glad I’ve taken my dad’s advice and tried to explore more of my area before thinking I needed to jet off to another country. I can go orbiting and ride a camel less than an hour away from my home. Who knew?!

And a question for y’all…how did you get your followers? I’m just curious, there seem to be a lot of ways I’m just now realizing.

Coming up my Spaghetti Squash recipe…and perhaps a Pumpkin Pie Cocktail…



  1. sunshine says:

    Oh Wow, how fun to be able to get to all those places and interact with different animals, I miss that. On this little island my options are quite reduced, maybe only for the turtle farm where you can pet sea turtles…
    Keep enjoying life to the fullest and don't worry about appearing immature, think of it more like being in touch with your inner child, many people loose that and they ended up missing most of the fun!!!


  2. A 2 Z says:

    Hi Jessi,

    Thanks for the visit! I think your dad is right. I find when I'm with out-of-town friends I tend to rediscover my own city through their own eyes. But, its also fun to visit the world. I cant deny that I always get charged up when I embark on a new adventure. As far as followers, its a good idea to get a feed burner (available through Google) and to join blog hops. You can use my blog hops listed on my sidebars to start with and then eventually that will lead to new ones.



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