I Think I’m In Love

Last Christmas, there wasn’t much that was kept a secret. My mom normal checks out my Kaboodle and gets me whatever is on there. But last year, she found one of my most favorite gifts…and I had no idea they even existed.

I’ve noticed a lot of girls wearing fuzzy boots with skinny jeans, and sometimes I want to go grab a pair of my own and other times I want to direct them to the nearest street corner, because that looks like where they belong. Needless to say, I probably won’t be jumping on the bandwagon any time soon. So when these babies ended up under my tree last year, I was ecstatic. A happy medium! These slippers are incredibly cute – and comfortable – and they’re cheap! (About $13!) And this year, they have too many colors to choose from…even teal and hot pink! This is going to be my Christmas present across the board to all Boyfriend’s family.

What is your favorite fall/winter item this year?

Well, back to reading Breaking Dawn…I’m hooked. Next in line, Shiver.

And thanks to my recent new followers…I promise good stuff is on the way! 🙂



  1. Eden says:

    Jessi, thank you for my blog award! I will acknowledge it in my next entry. Just haven't had the time as of late.

    As for the boots, I used to own a mad pair of fluffies which were SUPER furry. The guys kept asking me “what did you kill and put on your feet?”, lol funny!

    As for my fave clothing item of the moment, believe it or not it has to be my huge arran woollen jumper. Granny chic, baby! xxxx


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