Always Something

I’ve been absent for a few days, not that anyone probably noticed. There’s been some drama this week.

My older dog, Jay, who’s three and a half was having diarrhea earlier this week. I monitored it and watched what I fed him, but that was usual for him. He’s had colotis since he was a puppy. (Inflamed colon…can cause issues with stool. TMI, I know.) But Wednesday morning he threw up bile, he was being anorexic. I was worried…but after been a vet tech for years, I figured he needed some bland food and some TLC. He was still perky enough to go for a walk. I went to work.

My boyfriend came home only a couple hours later, and informed me that Jay had bloody diarrhea in our kitchen, and he was annoyed. I don’t think he understood all of his symptoms were not good. It was the longest 2 hours at work. I constantly called Boyfriend and told him to make Jay scrambled egg whites…he just turned his nose up.

Then Boyfriend texts me to call him ASAP. Jay had thrown up blood. I hurried up and cleaned up, and asked my manager to leave work. I rushed to Jewel after speaking with a vet I used to work with. She didn’t seem so worried. She told me to pick up some ground beef and rice, cottage cheese, and Immodium. I basically ran through the store in order to get home to see my baby.

He’d thrown up once more. He wouldn’t even eat the boiled ground beef and rice, and if you knew my Jay you’d have gotten just as panicky as I was. I took Jay outside to see if he had to go to the bathroom. As soon as he little paws hit the grass he blood started pouring out of his butt…I was horrified. I can still picture that in my head. I yelled to my boyfriend to get ready to go…we had to go to the emergency room.

We all piled in my truck, even my other dog. Boyfriend was nice enough to let Jay sit in the passenger seat by me, I was so nervous I turned the radio all the way down and just talked to Jay the whole way there. The drive seemed so much longer than usual. I felt a lump in the back of my throat.

We arrived at the emergency room, filled out our paperwork and proceeded to wait an hour, despite the fact Jay had thrown up blood 3 times after our arrival. I was aggitated by the time a tech brought us into the room. When the dr came in, she immediately said Jay looked very sick. No shit, thanks for having us wait an hour! She pushed an estimate across the cold exam table. $522. And she wouldn’t even get started until we paid that in full. We didn’t have that. So, I frantically called my dad and pleaded with him to drive out to the hospital right now. He loves Jay just as much as me, so he did. Thank goodness.

The vet came back into the room with another estimate. $1200.

When she had taken Jay into the back, she gave him a rectal exam and apparently “frank blood” came pouring out. All I heard after that was blood transfusion and hospitalization. The room was fuzzy and I thought I might throw up all over there floor too. I asked her to please take x-rays, we had enough for that. And it would be a start to rule out an obstruction. She refused to do anything until she had the full deposit.

Luckily, my dad arrived quickly, no traffic at 12am on a Wednesday. They took forever to get started on my Jay, and I sat on the edge of my chair waiting for the x-ray results. 45 minutes later, nothing significant on the x-ray. Fairly good news, no surgery. The tech came out about an hour later to say the bloodwork was done and that the dr would be with us soon to go over it.

An hour later, we went into the room. His bloodwork looked bad, but not the worst I’d ever seen. He needed potassium due to all of his vomiting. They kept my baby for the night. I couldn’t sleep at all. Jay normally curls up next to me. My nerves felt exposed.

The new shift vet called me that morning, and said he seemed better. They were going to keep him on fluids and make sure he would eat. When I called later to check on him he’d eaten without vomiting or having diarrhea. I was beginning to think he’d pull through.

Boyfriend and I visited him at 8pm, and due to my technician background they offered to realease Jay. I was too excited to say no. He seemed perkier, but still not himself. He came home and crashed on the couch. He had a longer night than even I had. My poor little guy!

But, I think he’s going to be fine now. He’s been enjoying his ground beef and rice. And his medicine seems to be helping.

Lesson learned: I need a sick puppy fund – and a large one at that. Thank goodness for my parents ability to not spend every dime they make.



  1. sunshine says:

    Get well soon Jay.
    While reading your post I totally related because I have 2 dogs and I know how hard it is when they get sick. I am happy that Jay is feeling much better and that it wasn't anything too serious.
    Sending Jay healing thoughts and prayers from my end!!!


  2. Tim says:

    It's so awful when a pet is ill and there is nothing you can do about it apart from hope and pray for the best.

    Thankfully in this case it looks like Jay is on the mend. Good luck to him and good luck to you with your puppy fund!! πŸ™‚


  3. Julie Martin says:

    Oh my goodness, how terrible! This was a heart-wrenching story, but I'm so relieved to hear the good ending.

    My father would do the exact same thing and I am so glad for you that your father is closeby!!

    I hope Jay continues to get better and stronger…my best wishes to you all!


  4. jennie says:

    Awful! One of our guys (The Pickle) got a really bad back injury, and blew out his knee last summer and it was the worst thing ever (he's since had surgery and is better now). I'm happy to hear that he's recovering!! I hear you on the 'sick puppy fund' as these little guys are ex-pen-sive.


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