I *insert heart here* Andrew Jenks

It’s so peculiar…I’ll be driving home from work and just thinking brilliant, intelligent thoughts, thoughts I would love to capture in writing. Adventures I can see clearly in my head, feelings that I can express so vividly.

And then I sit down in front of my computer, a blank post page. And nothing.

It’s like there’s a disconnect between my brain and my fingers. I guess it will just take some practice, I used to be pretty decent at writing. I’ll try my hardest to get my mojo back. We shall see.

I’ve seriously been slacking lately in the “list” department. And I will blame this on my lack of funds. My work transition is not exactly going as planned. I’ve only been working part time. It’s love/hate. I LOVE the free time, I’ve been able to catch up on my book reading. (I’m half-way through Eclipse now!) But I HATE getting a miniscule paycheck.

I did have time to watch the new show on MTV, World of Jenks, and I thought it was so inspiring. I would LOVE to be able to meet Andrew Jenks and try to have some of his genius and open-mindedness rub off on me. Not that I don’t consider myself open-minded, but I haven’t exactly gone out into the world trying to learn how others live their lives, as Jenks has. Amazing. Inspiring. Everyone should check it out!

As for my plans, I’m anxious for next week to roll around. I plan on getting a tattoo, and perhaps dying my hair blonde. And we’ll see what else I can cram in.


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