So, for the very last details of the Miami trip…on one of our last days, after visiting the Shakolad chocolate shop for the hundreth time for gelato, Amber and I noticed a little, opened door across the street that said “Psychic Readings”. It was as if it was meant to be. We walked across the street and looked at all the lion and the taurus on the cracked windows. This looked how I would imagine one of those places would. (I’m fully aware my expectations mean nothing…) We walked up the cracking tile stairs to a little apartment above the stores situated below. There was a brown curtain drawn over the window in the door. We knocked. A girl around my age answered the door in a flowing skirt. Yeah, this is what I pictured in my head.

She walked onto the stoop to greet us and we asked some questions. She recommended the “full reading” for older people…apparently a. 22 is “older” and b. people younger than me do this? Weird. So, she asked who wanted to go first, as we could not go in together. I volunteered myself. I walked into the little apartment behind her. I could hear the TV from behind the curtain that divided what was apparently a living room and their “office”…reading room? Whatever you call it.

An older women, I guessed to be the younger one’s mother walked into the “office” and closed the door behind her. We exchanged hellos. She asked nothing about me, I volunteered that getting a reading was on my list of things to do. She laughed a little at me and then asked me to think of 2 wishes and not tell her. (I thought she was a psychic, not a genie?! Clearly, I know nothing.) I thought of my 2 wishes and she moved on. I held my palms up on my knees, she didn’t read the lines like I thought they did. She was right on with most things, except for my boyfriend having been in a bad relationship. I’m his first girlfriend. Ok, moving on…she kept telling me God has blessed me. It sure doesn’t feel like it, but ok. For the most part she seemed as legit as she could be. When we were all done I felt like overall it was a positive experience. I would be open to try it again down the road.

Amber went in next. She was in there for much longer than me. I got worried, I was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. I was ecstatic when she came out. Then she told me she had to buy candles or some shit for protection. I followed her to the ATM down the street. Apparently, she had to pay $300 to purchase candles that Ms. Psychic was going to light at a church. Um, excuse me, but how do you know that she’s even buying them? Naive. I protested but she had already agreed to it. Amber had to go back the next day at 10am to pick up the spray Ms. Psychic concocted. It was in a freakin Victoria’s Secret PINK spray bottle and smelled strangely like the spray that had once been in there. The instructions were to spray that all over her and then dip herself in the ocean. I kept my mouth shut. And that’s when I changed my mind about psychics. That reeked of scam. But moving on from the sore subject…

I am a summer lover, but for some reason this year I’m ready for the fall season.

Looking back, I didn’t accomplish a few of my summer to-do’s but there’s always next summer! (I will Kayak next summer!) But I’m ready to start some fall activites and looking for a Halloween costume.

Labor Day weekend I just spent time with my family and Boyfriend’s family. It was actually a pretty fun weekend. My soon-to-be-sister-in-law and I decided we are going to plan a family pumpkin picking day. And I plan on carving one as well.

Crossing my fingers that this weekend the fam and I will be heading up to Cheeseland to Apple Holler to pick us some Honey Crisps. I haven’t been apple picking in a long, long time. But strawberry picking was fun, so this should be as well.

And after we’re all done picking apples and pumpkins I’ve been researching Ghost Tours in Chicago. It seems like a fun October acvitivity…it definately beats going to watch a movie. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about ghosts, but I wouldn’t mind exploring the idea of them – despite the fact it still gives me the creeps. So far, Chicago Hauntings takes the cake. I still have a few weeks to check out the supernatural tours offered in Chicago. (Has anyone ever been on a “ghost tour” by the way?)

I guess all of those fall festivities are a good enough reason to be wishing summer away for the first time in my life. I have always loved the leaves changing colors and Halloween, there’s just something about the crisp air. Needless to say I’m excited to get to it!




  1. That does have a scam stench to it. I have always wanted to get a reading too, just to know what it is like and to be able to say that I have done that. My sister and I are so interested in Ghost Tours and visiting haunted places!


  2. Tim says:

    Seemed like a scam to me too!

    As for ghosts, there has never been any hard proof that they exist despite centuries of stories, sightings etc so I personally think that they aren't real. However for some reason I still love going on ghosthunts because although it's unlikely, you never know for sure!

    I guess a bit like Loch Ness monster. It's very unlikely to be true but everyone still hopes to spot it when they visit the loch.


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