Running Out of Time

So, this time next week I will be leaving for Miami and I feel so unprepared.

I meant to have quite a few day dresses and cover-ups and so far, it’s just not happening. I only have a couple and I have no idea what shoes I can bring to match everything. That’s frustrating. I have a feeling I will be doing some last-minute shopping this weekend.

I should’ve done that today but it was gorgeous outside so I opted for hitting the beach. That was my first beach day this summer (thanks to my old job!)…pretty sad. My friend Kendal and I went to Lake Geneva, WI which is always nice. It’s such a cute, little town. So I, of course, had to buy a shot glass.

My parents came back from Florida yesterday and brought me 4 more shot glasses. I don’t know where to put them all. I don’t have my dream basement yet filled with alcohol paraphernalia. That leaves me with only 10 more shot glasses to get to cross another item off the list.

I almost visited a psychic today, speaking of the list. Kendal pointed the place out and we walked all the way from the beach over there and it was closed – er, opened but at her other location. I decided it was a sign and gave up. Maybe next time.



  1. sunshine says:

    Have fun in Florida, how long are you going to be there for?
    I would love to send you a Cayman Islands shot glass to add to your collection, if you'll like me to, just email me through my blog and it would be on it's way soon!


  2. Jessi says:

    I'll only be there for 6 days.

    I would LOVE a Cayman Islands shot glass!!!! That would be amazing…I don't think I'll be making it over there any time soon. 😦


  3. Have a lovely time in Florida!

    As for the shoes: 2 types are cool and go with everything in your summer wardrobe: flat gladiators and espadrille wedges. That's what I brought with me to Spain and while I brought two more pairs as well, those were the two I used most.

    I hope this helps a little, and that you have a wonderful time on vacation!


  4. Moon says:

    We are planning a trip to the US next year and we will definitely go to Miami. Could you write up something about all the places to be there?? I would SO love that!
    Hope you have a great holiday!


  5. Jessi says:

    @Elisa: Thanks for the tips! I love wedges, that about all I have right now. Though I haven't tried any gladiators yet. I was still deciding if they were for me or not.

    @Moon: I will definately make you a travel guide – I've already gotten a lot of advice and I plan on checking everything out. Consider it done


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