RANT: Posers

I have yet to truly rant on here, and I think I’m overdue.

One thing I cannot stand more than anything (including open mouth breathers and open mouth chewers which are really high up there) is someone who follows everyone. Fuck, can you be your own person? That should be the easiest task in the entire world. You know you better than anyone. Maybe some people just figure they’re sparing us by being sponges? I don’t know.

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. And lately, it appears, mostly hate. A girl who shall remain nameless – who has nearly a decade on me might I add -and whom I used to call my best friend, has turned out to be the biggest follower/leach/phoney/poser ever. I’m not sure what annoys me more – that she apparently has a very easy time fooling people or that she doesn’t seem to have a personality of her own.

When I first met her, at my old job, she seemed so funny. After meeting her husband several times, I realized her jokes and phrases were mostly coming from him – or the occassional movie or TV show. Ok, whatever, everyone does that. She just did it a lot. I always found it curious that she didn’t have her own clique or group of friends – she clung onto her husbands set of old friends and considered them her own. I wrote that off too. But everything started adding up. And her true colors showed – and boy, were they ugly.

She’s the type of slippery person that once you realize she’s nothing but bad news she’s already screwed you over. (I obviously learned this the hard way, hence my bittrness.) Ultimately, she was one of the main factors in my up-and-leaving my old job. Now, I wasn’t mad enough at her to delete her off my Facebook, and I also find that to be childish. But now I see her leaching on to the New Girl I had befriended and others now. I won’t warn them, I’m not that type of person, but it’s irritating to watch.

She used to make fun of her husband for taking pictures of storms and nature. But New Girl loves photography and wants to open a business. Now she bought a new camera for 2 grand (no joke, she told me before I left and even brought it work) so that her and New Girl could discuss their hobby every day. I sneered every time I heard her refer to her camera. I can see right through that, my friend.

Now, apparently, she just adores calorie counting (noteheavysarcasm) because New Girl does. And when I was trying to be on a diet she went out of her way to invite me to Taco Bell on our break or make her nasty comments about how food is too exciting to diet your life away. Hypocritical much?

And this is just yet another reason why I am (glad to not be working there anymore!!!!) trying to cross things off my bucket list. I want to try things and have opinions and one day find out exactly who I am and what I’m capable of. No being molded by others, as much as humanly possible.

There, I said it.

Rant over. Thank you. Now back to reading Twilight while my boyfriend works late and attempting to lose my sour attitude. Think sunny weekend weather. πŸ™‚

****Due to the confusion I’m realizing I caused, I would just like to say I am not referring to followers in the blog sense. I love my followers and would love to have more. I am referring to a friend I had (in my real, non-blog-world life) that molded herself to suit the people around her and fit in. Sorry for confusion!****



  1. nymfaux says:

    Hi!!! I'm a new follower–just stopping by from the hop–So I was kind of wondering if this post was a test–Like maybe I shouldn't follow you, but hey, I think you're funny, so I decided to go ahead with it, even if it means I fail. I do follow a lot of bloggers, but I definitely don't friend everybody of facebook, just in case that's a plus point–not that I'm trying to suck up to you, more just saying it for my piece of mind πŸ™‚ Hope your weekend goes a little better now that you've ranted πŸ˜‰

    http://nymfaux.blogspot.com/ (just in case I sound like someone worth following) πŸ˜‰


  2. Jessi says:

    lol I think I am not very good at being descriptive. I didn't mean “followers” in the blogging sense, I mean people in real life that cling onto others and take on the activities others do to fit in.

    Does that make sense?! Sorry…

    I really do appreciate all of my followers, I swear. πŸ™‚


  3. SERENA says:

    Wow, I've been in the exact same situation. Only, she prides herself on being the one who deleted me off her facebook….which she sure did, but not before sending me a request from her brother's account so that she could still “spy” on me and then friend all of my friends. Gosh, you just have to love some people…


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