Damn Mosquitoes

I have a few more days left until I phase into my new job. I’m trying to get things done, but the weather has not been cooperating whatsoever. Figures. I drove about 40 minutes to pick my little brother up this morning, which is hardly a trip, and we drove a few towns over to a forest preserve I used to take my older dog, Jay, to as a puppy. We tried to go between rainstorms. We succeeded, but man, today was the wrong day to trek into a heavily wooded area.

It’s 90 degrees here, and it feels like the humidity exceeds 100%. The mosquitoes were out full force due to all the rain we’ve gotten lately. I should’ve known better. My dogs didn’t seemed to be fazed by the bug attack, but they weren’t too happy halfway through our walk when they realized how hot it was. We cut our walk a little short (still we walked 1.5 miles) and literally ran back to my truck to try and get away from the skeeters. I fucking hate mosquitoes.

72. Take my dogs on a road trip to a forest preserve for a nice walk – done.

I debated crossing this off, considering this was not a nice walk for my brother and I – we’re going to be itchy for the next few days. But I’m pretty sure my dogs liked it and that’s what counts. They’re taking a nice dog nap now. I’ll just have to revisit this when it cools down in a few weeks and hopefully the damn bugs die.

Last night, I mooched a beer off of my p’s while I was visiting. It’s Beer #5…Leinenkugel’s Berry Weiss. Eh. A little too sweet (and artificially flavored?!) for me, but it’s been tried. And, surprisingly I drank an entire Miller Lite tonight. Not a Miller fan. Corona Light – check. 43 more beers to go. That’s gonna take me a while. I think Leinie’s Summer Shandy may be next. Mmmmm!

WOTD: puerile (PYOOR-il) adjective immature; silly, childish



  1. Tim says:

    I was about to go to sleep the other night when for some reason I looked down and there was one on me trying to suck blood out of my arm.

    Thankfully it flew off when I swiped at it. After checking to see if my arm had fallen off or not, I then spent 40 minutes trying to find it because I refuse to go to sleep knowing that it could come back and suck my brain or something! Urgh, I hate, hate, hate them 😐


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