When I made my Bucket List, I did so thinking of things I always wanted to try, things I am used to. I’m the type of girl that likes warm, beach vacations in hot weather, attempting to get a perfect tan at a nice hotel. That’s how I was brought up, going to resort hotels. The closest I ever got to “adventure” was going to Wisconsin Dells to a waterpark hotel and going go karting. Hell, my brother and mom wouldn’t even go parasailing in the Gulf when we went to Florida. My dad and I went solo. And even still, my dad was the only one who’d go on rollercoasters with me. Time for a change for us all.

Thanks to the travel channel, I discovered a “resort” that would be perfect for some good ‘ole family bonding next summer. (Yeah, I know that’s far far away.) I love the Travel Channel’s 10 Best shows, and a few weeks ago I watched the 10 Best Resorts. When I think resort, I think marble floors, fancy chandaliers, a spa, and sipping drinks by a pool.

Well, this is the kind of resort where you get muddy and stay in the wilderness (minus the outhouse), and probably get your fair share of mosquito bites. It’s located in Oak Hill, West Virginia of all places. I’m not even sure there’s anything else to do in WV but ACE Resort seems to offer everything you’d want in an outdoor vacation.

The cabins look amazing, homey and made of wood – they even have personal hot tubs on the back porches. Not saying that sitting in a hot tub with my family appeals to me, but sitting in a hot tub does. Especially after a day of adventure. The front porches look perfect to sit in a rocking chair and drink some coffee. Maybe pretend you’re a cowboy…just kidding…

On site alone there’s so many things to choose from, the lake itself has an overwhelmig amount of activities. I am particularly interested in the water trampoline, even though I’d probably only be among 10 year olds…There’s even an inflatable rock climbing wall (that you jump off of!) and the usual kayaking, canoeing, etc.

I, myself, plan on ATVing the hell out of this place and doing some horse back riding along the New River. I may even try white water rafting again, and the zipline is a must. It’s on my bucket list, afterall. I’ll give up on the Mud Obstacle Course because A. I’d probably lose to everyone in my family and B. probably no one else would have the cahones to trample through mud as a first-thing-in-the-morning activity. It could bring a whole new meaning to a mud facial?!

All and all, I’m not an outdoorsy person to say the least. I doubt it’d be worth doing my hair and putting make-up on during this vaca, but maybe that’s what we all need sometimes, just the realization of natural beauty in the wild and in ourselves.

Needless to say, considering this entire post sounds like a shitty advertisement, this will be on my next To Do List. Wish me luck on convincing the p’s they’ll want to go too!



  1. well miss juici we should go to the meatloaf bakery soon, also when i was there over at this crepe place i love, i passed a sign for palm/psychic readings and i know you wanted to do that too..


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