Discalced and Unmotivated

My dad tries to give me advice. A lot. Most of the time he gives very level-headed, good advice that I don’t mind listening to. He seems intrigued by my Bucket List and so he feels the need to give me advice about how to go about it. And he had some valid points. One of which was to “research” things before I do them.

For the most part I have. The reason a lot of things wound up on my list was because I wanted to learn more. (I like to learn whatever I can, whenever I can, about everything.) For example, yoga. I’m still learning though. He made his point when he asked me about hookah lounges and how the “pieces” work. I don’t know.

So, since this weekend my plan is to visit a Psychic I did some research. Mostly, so far, about who I will be going to. I read this article and I think Vivien Taylor seems like a fairly normal, interesting candidate. And I like that I know the prices beforehand – $35 palm reading. (Do you tip psychics?!) Plus she’s 27 so for some reason I like the fact she’s younger.

(Disclaimer:) I am not so sure exactly how much I believe in “psychic” beings, palm readings, aura readings, meditating, special healing powers…whatever. I do believe that the mind is a powerful thing though. Maybe it seems real because you believe that it is. Hell, maybe it is real. I won’t judge the lifestyle or gyspies or psychics, whatever they choose to be called. This is why I am curious about the experience. Will it seem vague and deceitful or will it actually seem real and truthful? We’ll see.

Now, to decide between a palm reading and a tarot card reading. What would you do (assuming you would do anything at all)?!

In other not-so-interesting news, my dad was also very excited yesterday to show me the cherry cigar he got for me. He even made me smell the difference between his HUGE, manly cigar and the much smaller, fruity one. (He’s a dork.) I’m glad I pussed out and went with the girly one.

I really should be looking for a damn job now instead of rambling on my stupid blog, but I’m just not in the mood. Unacceptable, but true. But I guess you can’t just wait for things to just fall into place. *sigh* That would be so much easier.

WOTD: discalced (dis-KALST) without shoes, barefoot



  1. Juici says:

    Casey: Thank you very much!

    Moon: I'm not a smoker at all but I figure smoking one little cigar won't kill me. (But I'm sure all the tanning I do will!)


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