That’s my word of the day. Because I had a horrible revelation Saturday: I am an idiot.

I went back to the place I interviewed at earlier in the week to take a “test”. I’ll admit when they said test I thought they somehow meant some sort of customer service questionaire, or perhaps “what if” scenarios. No. They did mean a test. It was like the effing ACTs all over again…only after nearly 4 years of being out of school.

I had no idea how rusty I have gotten. I sat in a chair (in the middle of the damn store with children running around screaming in close vicinity of my face) taking my timed test. Vocabulary – fine. Reading comprehesion – no sweat. Dividing/multiplying/adding fractions without a calculator – oh SHIT! I sat there waiting for the timer to go off cursing math for making me lose my job opportunity. I wanted to pull my phone out of my purse and use the calculator. Dammit, I hate math. I am intelligent, I can carry a good conversation but ask me to do algebra and I feel nausea setting in. I wasn’t good at in high school, and I gotten worse since I’ve been allowed to avoid it for years. No cute boys to help me cheat today.

So, it’s back to the job hunting. And hopefully no more fucking tests. If they mention a “test” I will already be out the door.

But, trying to see the light in the dark tunnel, I’ve decided to try to stay sharp…er- become sharper…? I’ll start with the easy stuff – sending me the word of the day. It will take much more than this, but I’m just not willing to go sign up for geometry now…or probably ever. I’ll live in ignorant bliss, thank you.

#30. TRY A BELLINI – done.

Now this is not very exciting (it comes from my list of little things ok?), but it is crossed off none the less. I got a peach one and it was worth the $6. YUM!


I re-saw Eclipse. Good the first time, now so enthralling the second time around. And the second movie was Grown Ups. I thought it would be funny…we left with 20 minutes to go. And I’m not normally terribly picky. Though it was a perfect cool night to have the windows down (with the OFF mosquito fan thingy hanging out the window!), eating junk food, and not worrying about anything…like being jobless. We may have to go again before the summer is up. $7 for 2 movies is a good deal these days!

Although I missed my country concert oppurtunity my weekend was all in all a good one. Next weekend it’s off to try a yoga video and visit a psychic. Hey! maybe I’ll even fit job hunting in there…or not. Should be interesting…



  1. Juici says:

    Yeah, it's nice to know you're not the only one huh?!

    I think I've only done like 1 or 12 things…but that's better than nothing!

    We'll get there eventually!


  2. Bree says:

    Ugh, I would be so screwed if someone asked me to do math for a job! I had to take a stats course this year and I hadn't done math since like grade 11, and it was 4 months of pure torture!!


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