I thought I’d wait until tomorrow to try another bottle of wine, but tonight is stormy and I’m making a nice dinner so the mood was right, so to speak.

Numero quatro on the wine-tasting list turned out to be Yellow Tail Cabernet – Merlot. I’m fairly new to dark wines, and I’m even newer to wine “blends”. However, I’m a fan. There’s a huge blackberry flavor, which I’m fond of and it has just the right amount of fruityness. No whimpy dessert wine here. I’d definately get it again. Yellow Tail always seems to be on sale and it’s always good. My amateur-wine-tasting-self gives it two thumbs up! 2 left to go – not that I’ll stop there.

Wow, two postings in one day. What a loser.

I have updated my wishlist on Kaboodle. (I am obsessed with Kaboodle!) And surprisingly I have added a books section, and it’s rather large despite the fact I have already purchased the last 2 Sookie Stackhouse books and the first two Twilight books (yes, I’m way behind). I’m not sure what’s happening to me, but reading has been such a great escape lately.

I have completely dropped the ball on my night of romance. I’m beginning to wonder how well it will work out, but hey I’ve still created my Kaboodle wish list so I won’t forget any details. (Seriously, I love Kaboodle!)

As far as my country concert goes, I will probably have to drag Boyfriend and he will probably ruin the whole day. Is it worth it? Not so sure. It’s $64/person. Not including all the beer I will drink and the parking and the gas to get there, etc. If only there were a Monster Truck Rally going on…he would go willingly.

Last week my dad called me to tell me he got me a cigar for one night when we have a bonfire or cookout or something. He told me it didn’t count if I smoked a fruity, girly cigar. I think all cigars are manly, just some are…less manly. You’re not going to see any sexy bombshell babe with a stogie hanging out of her mouth making smoke-O’s with her mouth. Though that would be pretty funny…

Hopefully tomorrow or Saturday Boyfriend and I will be going to the outdoor theater to see Eclipse (again, for me) and Grown Ups. Woot!

So, the synopsis is…I’m slacking. Too many almosts, and not enough crossing things off the list.

Apparently, I can’t even have fun properly. Hmph.



  1. Eden says:

    Haha @ the cigar comment! I don't smoke but think cigars are pretty cool…and yes, I was blowing smoke-Os (and I am pretty good at that!). I might try a pipe next, just for the hell of it.

    Have fun at the outdoor thatre. I've never been to one (they're not commonplace here, although there may be a novelty one somewhere). Have fun!


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