I’m a huge TrueBlood fan, even more so after finishing the fourth Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead To The World, today. I plan on heading out fairly quickly to pick up the next few installments. I also purchased a Fangtasia shotglass today. And stumbled across a Lou Pine’s one, so that too is now mine. (Preordered, what a nerd.) But hey, I do it with purpose. Or this is what I tell myself. #97. Add 20 shot glasses to my collection.

I find myself Werewolf obsessed lately, all thanks to Alcide on TrueBlood. I just want to walk outside and be whisked away by some dark-haired-lumberjack-looking-man-that-shifts-into-a-wolf. That’s a fantasy that will never happen. I guess that’s the great thing about fantasy is that it won’t ever come true, therefore it can never be ruined by reality. (As some other fantasies of mine have…)

In other equally as boring news, my non-Were boyfriend (sigh) had overheard a few of the songs I had cleverly picked out for his mix CD, due to the lyrics. He made fun of them. I guess this whole making a mix CD he will actually like idea is going to be way harder than expected. If only AC/DC and Eminem had some good love ballads.

I was just reading a Blog of Note today and she actually made me laugh, nice for a change. She posted about getting followers and losing followers. I’d like to get followers. Her post it witty and also, as far as I can tell, true. Seeing at a goal of mine is to get 100 followers, for whatever reason that may be. I’d better get out there and start whoring myself across the entire Blog World. Wish me luck. I have no prior experience being a whore. This could be fun after all.



  1. Paromantasy says:

    Your blog is awesome, which is why I have presented you with an award. Claim your award Here

    Keep up the great work! Love the glasses and the Sookie books get better and better. You are going to love them!
    BTW, If you are going to start whoring around, join the Follow Friday's event. I'll be posting it tomorrow. Just follow the instructions and you'll have at least 10 more followers by the end of the day. The more you follow others on the list, the more they will follow you. Hope this helps!


  2. Eden says:

    Non-were boyfriend, lol. Jokes. I've never watched true blood but it sounds entertaining.

    Got to say, Paromantasy is onto something! You do have a good blog. I really enjoy reading it too πŸ™‚


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