Wine and Expedia

I feel depressed. My job is dragging me down. My friends all seem to be showing their true ugly colors lately. And it just feels as though my world is crumbling around me. And what choice do I have but to move on? I have this thirst for life, just as I always have. I always want to go go go. I don’t want to dwell on the misfortunes of right now. I’m sick of eating salad and watching Tv. I want to experience…everything. I just have to figure out how to do that and balance my sald-eating and work. And now I’m back down to earth. Bummer.

I have been trying my best not to get too excited about a vacation in my near future, but my thoughts keep bringing me back to Miami. Tomorrow my friend A will be coming over so we can book our flight and hotel. As much as I keep searching through all the hotels, I keep eyeballing the Ritz. Sue me, I have taste. And I guess I want to ensure high-quality sheets, assuming cost equates to that, after my mishap in Vegas. (The sheets made me so itchy that I woke up at 6am and had to drag my happy ass to Walgreens to purchase uncanny amounts of Benadryl and Bendryl cream…ruined 1/2 a day scratching myself like I had contracted some weird disease from someone I met in the casino. Attractive!)

I know how expensive everything can get down there, which is my only worry. I don’t want to have to shack up on the street corner so I can buy myself a few drinks because my plastic has been declined due to over-usage. What happens in Miami stays in Miami though?!

I’m currently tasting wine #2. That leaves me 4 left for my goal. I figured I’d start out with the whites, it being summer and all. I’ve heard some bad things about Riesling, it’s had a bad rap. But I am enjoying it…I got Yellow Tail Riesling for $7.99…and it tastes just fine to me. Citrusy and crisp. Perfect for daydreaming of Miami beaches.

Now off to find a bikini…and try not to feel fat. My Miami-bound diet has begun, but we’ll see how long it lasts.



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