Finally, after literally an entire day devoted to planning a trip to Miami, it is done. I will be there next month.

A came over early this morning, around 11, we hopped on Expedia (my usual travel guide) and picked out some flights and hotels. Our first choice for a hotel was nice, but a little less pricey than some of our other picks. Unfortunately, the Ritz was weeded out due to price as well. One we picked we eagerly typed in our credit card numbers and clicked the “book trip!” button.

And it didn’t work. The price for the trip we chose has gone down. Awesome! Click to book trip…again.

And it didn’t work. The price for the trip we chose has gone up $60. Whatever. Click to book trip…again.

And it doesn’t work. The price has gone up $100…and again $100. Now it’s $300 more.

I call Expedia to see what the issue seems to be. The Expedia man just tells me what the prices are ever-changing and there’s nothing he can do. Ok, so can we just book the effing trip already or what? He gathers all of the information I have already typed into the computer and then tells me the flight needs to be changed, the ones we chose are now booked. Fine.

He tries to put it through again, with the new flight times, then tells me – after I was on hold for 5 minutes – that the room we wanted is no longer available, only a room with a king sized bed. Fine, A and I can share a bed. We both have vaginas. And we just want to go to Miami, dammit!

Now he tells us our cards aren’t working. Ok, this must be a joke, right?! I finally just hang up on him because he is being rude and putting me on hold every 3 seconds, apparently forgetting how to do his job. (I swear I am normally the nicest person too.)

Finally, my friend goes home. We decide we’ll try again later. I go to check the amount on my card and it tells me I have $100 available…where’s the rest?! Nothing is on that card! So I hurredly call my credit card company…they tell me Expedia has charged me $82.37 here, $90.45 there, $246 there…for what? I never even got to book my damn trip and what kind of amounts are those?! My credit card company tells me to call Expedia. Not again, I jokingly pleaded with the man, and so here I am calling back Expedia Man.

They tell me they charged my card every time they tried to book my trip and I did…now they made me give them my credit card information and my friend’s so they could call to cancel the charges. Convenient. I was on hold for – no joke – 37 minutes. I tried one last time to book my trip with a new flight and a new, nicer hotel. It worked. I hung up on Expedia Man.

What a nightmare! I’ve never had problems with Expedia in the past but this literally wasted my entire day off. Thanks, Expedia, for ruining my sunny day off!

But, all is well now I will be staying at a swanky beach hotel in Miami next month sipping Martinis and swimming with a dolphin. This is going to be a long month…



  1. Julie Martin says:

    oh man, that is frustrating! at least it is all finally planned (no thanks to expedia lol). last time my hubby and i stayed in miami we booked the sonesta hotel in coconut grove. it was beautiful – and as far as i remember, very reasonably priced! my sister lives there and she loves it! let me know if you have any touristy questions and ill pass them along to her πŸ™‚ she'd be a great person to ask about sight-seeing!


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