Time To Relax

My Fourth of July turned out to be no more than family drama. Though, it’s been a while so I guess you could say we were overdue. I left my parents house without even eating. My dogs were less than excited about missing out on ribs. I literally had to pull them out of the front door. Luckily my boyfriend came to my rescue and we salvaged the remainder of the day. We had some margaritas and watched some fireworks. My dogs weren’t too thrilled about the loud fireworks, so I guess their day was worse than mine. Poor babies.

Today I managed to finish the second Sookie Stackhouse book, Living Dead in Dallas. I love those books so far! I’m glad I bought the next 2 when I went to the bookstore. So, tonight I plan on sitting on my balcony and starting the third book with a glass of wine in hand.

#98. Try 6 different types of wine. One down, five to go. Tonight I have Golden Gate White Zinfandel. Typically I go for $8-$14 bottles of wine (despite the fact I’m broke), but a coworker of mine recommended Golden Gate, which is $2.99 at my grocery store. I’m not against cheap wine, trust me. And I must say, I may actually enjoy it more than my Barefoot White Zinfandel – my favorite. Surprising, but it’s a welcome change. It’s so crisp and just the right amount of fruityness. Perfect for the summer. However, my next bottle of wine I should probably go for something new, considering I typically bounce back and forth from WZ to Moscato. The light, fruity wines.

I wanted to learn more about wine, hence why it landed on my list. So, each time I try a new variety, I plan on trying to learn some tidbits. Apparently, WZ was a good choice as the first wine I try. It’s produced from Zinfandel grapes, white zinfandel remains pale in color because the skins are quickly removed after the grapes are crushed, this stops the transfer of color from the skin’s pigments. White Zinfandel is a pale-rose wine that’s very sweet, although some varieties may be dry. In general, it is not enjoyed by “avid wine drinkers” because of its youth and sweetness. It is often a wine that new wine drinkers will “enter into wine drinking” with. Tastes mimic flavors of vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, orange, raspberry, cherry, and light citrus. In addition, new White Zinfandels have fruit juices added to them right before bottling to create new flavored versions. It is paired well with pasta dishes (especially with cream sauces), fish, pork, bacon and pancetta, mild cheeses, Asian cuisine, couscous, crab cakes, Creole, egg dishes, Indian cuisine and tandoori spices, lamb, anti-pasto and dessert. Good to know, assuming I will remember all of that.

Yoga. I must admit I’ve done a yoga YouTube video every day since I first started. I just feel so relaxed afterwards. Stretched and more flexible, maybe. Whatever the feeling is, I like it. I don’t have a yoga mat but I do have yoga-wear. (Not on purpose…I like the Victoria Secret yoga stuff to wear around my house.) Not quite ready to cross it off the good ole list, but soon enough.

I’m not sure what task I want to complete next. I feel like I’ve sort of hit a dead-end here. Not enough time and not enough willingness from my boyfriend. Time to make some new friends. πŸ™‚


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