#22 – Check!

#22. Send my mom flowers – just because. CHECK!

My mom got her flowers yesterday. They haven’t all bloomed yet, but she said they came in a “nice” box and looked very “secure and fresh”. They came in bloom form so we’ll see in a few days how they look…maybe box flowers aren’t so bad?

This Sunday I (as well as my boyfriend and brother) have an appointment to have a “Pengiun Encounter”! Hopefully it’s as cool as it sounds – I’ve been getting progressively more excited about it all week, which makes me feel incredibly childish.

My boyfriend is the type of person who would rather sit back and watch as others live their lives…my brother appears to be the same way. My mom has also been an axious person who is always watching to see what others are thinking despite the fact 99% of the time nobody paying any attention to her at all. I, too, was that way for quite a while. But I’m starting to come out of my shell, thank goodness. I find that I am now trying my hardest to push my BF and my brother out into the world and experience things. It will never cease to amaze me that some people are content spending every day working, playing video games, watching TV, and then repeating.

C’mon, live a little. It won’t kill you…and if it does atleast you can say you truly LIVED.


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