Fathers Day And Beer Go Hand In Hand

Happy Father’s Day!

I love my dad. I’m pretty sure he’s where I get my wild side from, although he’s mellowed out at his age…for the most part. I’ve decided he will be my drinking partner when it comes to trying 50 different kinds of beers. I came ready to our BBQ today. I got Anchor Steam (on GQ’s list) and Samuel Adam’s Cherry Wheat.

The Anchor Steam was actually very good. And I’m not a beer drinker by any stretch of the imagination…so that means it must be alright.

Next on the agenda was the Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. I wasn’t too sure about this one. But something about the bottle intrigued me, plus I like cherries. It’s not much of a manly drink so for me it was perfect! It had the right amount of cherry flavor – naturally, not artificial tasting at all! Highly recommend…to things with a vagina though. Sorry guys, won’t be picking up any girls with a cherry flavored beer in your hands!

Sam Adams Summer Ale was my favorite beer of the night. This was one I could actually finish before it started getting warm which is extremely rare for me. It had the perfect amount of lemon flavor – LOVED it! Highly recommend! And I must admit before today I would’ve never reached for a Sam Adam’s beer. I guess I’ll think twice now.

I was very excited to come on here after my internet being down for 2 days due to severe storms and seeing I had 3 followers…funny how the little things can make you happy.

I have a long work week ahead of me. But I plan on going to the Shedd Aquarium this weekend with my boyfriend and brother…and crossing my fingers I can touch a pengiun.


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