Oysters, Sex on The Beach, Strawberries, OH MY!

Just like most of the United States, I watched The Bucket List movie a while back. I had already toyed with the idea of my “100 things to do before I die” list. But a few months after I saw the movie, I started writing things down. Now, a little of a year later and feeling like my life is going by far too quickly, I am determined to start crossing things off my list.

At this point in time, however, I am fairly broke. So, I have created my list (below) only involving the small things. Activities I can afford and things that require no money at all. Besides, I’m not so sure my BIG list is quite ready yet.

Now for documenting the past so that I can move forward. I have done a few things on my list that I will not cross off until I do them again such as horse back riding and going to a drive in movie theater.

Make sushi. Check. That was not so easy at first. My friend and I went on the quest for sushi grade tuna one snowy Saturday. We had to try 3 stores before we finally found it. And let me tell you, it’s expensive. I have no idea how those people make sushi to look so artistic and beautiful. Our first rolls looked like shit. No other way to put it. They were falling apart and in no way were they circular. They tasted great, but they were not something we could serve to others. After about 6 pieces of seaweed, we got the hang out using the bamboo roller and our sushi looked decent. It was a fun experience. If you like sushi, have an empty afternoon, a friend, and some extra cash, try it!

About a month ago I visited the Racine Zoo in Racine, Wisconsin. It’s a very very very small zoo. I mean, it is in WI after all. My boyfriend and I just so happened to be near the giraffe habitat when they announced it was time to feed them crackers…um, move over children I want to feed that gigantic giraffe! My boyfriend was mortified that I would even think of doing it, but who says kids get all the fun?! So, we bought 4 crackers…and by crackers I mean they looked like vegetable and wheat waffers. I got right up in line, and lucky for me my boyfriend is a puss so I got his 2 crackers as well. I reached up, holding my crackers sideways, and felt it’s cat-like tongue grab it right from my fingers. AWESOME! They are such gentle creatures. Highly recommend finding your inner kid and feeding a giraffe.

On our way back from the zoo, we stopped at a HUGE cheese store for dill cheese curds and wine. And what did I find? Apple Wine straight from Wisconsin. Well, that should’ve been a clue. I waited a week to try the wine with my parents since they are wine lovers. Annnnd it was one of the most disgusting substances to ever enter my mouth. It was bitter and tastes like bad apple cider. We couldn’t even finish off one glass. Now, I’m still curious to see if I just picked a bad brand, or if apple wine, in its entirety, is vile.

Yesterday was my 22nd birthday so this past weekend I crossed a few things off the list. Saturday night I went to Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. That is one of my favorite restaurants ever. I love seafood and I love creole spicyness. I ordered the Oysters Pappadeaux – with crab meat, spinach, and hollandaise. Due to the oil spill, oysters on the half shell were unavailable – which I was kind of happy about. When the server brought us out our oysters I was a little nervous. They were brought out on half shells. I just grabbed one and went for it. It wasn’t bad but trying to chew was not a good idea. Oysters are not meant to be chewed. So on my first oyster all I tasted was salty ocean and what I think was sand or a piece of shell. Gross. But I grabbed another one – and just swallowed it. Much better. So, in my humble opinion, oysters aren’t bad. But they aren’t the greatest thing ever either. But I can say I tried them. I actually think I enjoy calamari more.

Sunday I dragged my brother and my boyfriend with me to pick strawberries at a farm that has annual strawberry picking that I’ve heard a lot about. It was fun, the only problem was it was drizzling. We ended up picking far too many and now I feel like I need to be on a strawberry diet for the next 3 days so they don’t go to waste. Next time we go though I really need to try a strawberry doughnut – they smelled so good!

Now I’m ready for the next events. I made a Sex On The Beach last night and it actually tasted really good. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue to make some good ones and cross bartending off my list. Next week I should be able to cross sending my mom flowers off, as long as it’s successful. I ordered a lily bouquet from Shari’s Berries. She has to have an MRI next week and she’s a little nervous so hopefully her good luck note and some flowers will be a nice gesture.


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  1. Julie Martin says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog, I'm flattered that you feel inspired to make cards after seeing what I've created!! You're sweet πŸ™‚ After reading your blog, I feel inspired to create a list…while drinking a cocktail or a frosty beer. Word to the wise…Dogfish Head beer is preeeetty pungent πŸ˜‰ Just a heads up! lol. I've subscribed to your blog…can't wait to see what you post next!! Cheers!


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