All The Small Things

(This is the I’m-a-broke-ass-version of a Bucket List. I refuse to even look at my realy bucket list until I have some funds…which will most likely be never.)

1. Pick Strawberries.
2. Eat at a 4-star restaurant.
3. Swim with a dolphin.
4. Try an exotic food.
6. Watch the sun set.
7. Take my mom to a nice dinner – and pay for it!
8. Get a tattoo.
9. Bake 3 *new* desserts.
10. Carve a pumpkin.
11. Drive stick shift.
12. Get my 2010 Hikers Badge.
14. Watch the sun rise.
15. Have a big-headed picture drawn of me at a theme park.
16. Go skinnydipping.
17. Feed a giraffe crackers.
18. Learn to bartend (or atleast make decent drinks.)
19. Make sushi.
20. Send my my mom flowers – just because.
21. Go to a drive-in movie theater.
22. Try apple wine.
23. Smoke a cigar with my dad – a fruity one.
24. Learn to take a compliment.
25. Try calamari.
26. Make a scrap book of my dogs.
27. Go to a professional fortune teller.
28. Make the perfect snowfort.
29. Drink cherry wine.
30. Try a bellini.
31. Have a true spa day.
32. Try oysters.
33. Take my brother to a UFC fight.
34. Try Absinthe – the proper way.
35. Touch a strarfish.
36. Try a deep fried candy bar.
37. Go on a GIRL vacation.
38. Brew my own beer.
39. Go to a country concert.
40. Touch a penguin at the Shedd.
41. Try Chili Chocolate.
42. Read the Twlight Series.
43. Dance without being self conscious – being drunk doesn’t count!
44. Go ORBing.
45. Monster truck rally!
46. Learn how to bake a 3-tiered cake.
47. Go snowmobiling.
48. Thread my eyebrows.
49. Read a book- I guess it won’t kill me.
50. Go to a comedy show.
51. Go apple picking.
52. Make cake balls!
53. Keep an orchid alive for atleast a month.
54. Get a professional massage.
55. Be romantic, just once.
56. Test drive a convertible.
57. Dance in ‘the box” at a club.
58. Stay at a 5-star hotel.
59. Smoke a hookah.
60. Try Bubble Tea.
61. Get a new computer!
62. Go to a corn maze.
63. Go to a brewery and try atleast 3 types of beer.
64. Drive a motorcycle.
65. Go pumpkin picking.
66. Go on a Ghost Tour!
67. Go paintballing.
68. Zipline.
69. Buy an expensive pair of shoes and not feel quilty afterwards.
70. Donate something.
71. Try Gelato.
72. Take my dogs on a road trip to a forest preserve for a nice walk.
73. Have an alcoholic beverage before 5pm.
74. Go horse back riding.
75. Shooting Range.
76. Go to a waterpark.
77. Spray tan!
78. Attempt to snowboard. (Key word being attempt!)
79. Go on an ATV trip.
80. Pet a goat.
81. Dye atleast 1/2 of my hair blonde…like really blonde.
82. Stargaze.
83. Surprise someone without ruining it (I hate surprises!)
84. Make my boyfriend a mix CD…of meaningful songs that he actually likes…
85. Get 100 followers on my blog.
86. Go hiking.
87. Try a starfruit!
88. Take Junior to a dog beach.
89. Learn how to cook healthier, better-tasting meals.
90. Try 1 restaurant that was on Diners, Drive In’s, and Dives.
91. Learn how to use my camera – not on auto.
92. Expand my shot glass collection by 20.
93. Try peach wine.
94. Visit my brother at college.
95. Get a pair of thigh high boots – and wear them without feeling like a hooker.
96. Try yoga.
97. Ride on a camel’s back.
98. Try 6 different types of wine.
99. Try 25 different beers.
100. Go to a petting zoo – despite the fact I am suposed to be an adult.



  1. Just read through your bucket list. Come to Houston and we'll knock it out. So many of those things I've said I want to do too! πŸ™‚

    Good luck girl!

    (You possibly might be inspiring me to start a bucket list of my own…if I'll stop being lazy. Hmm…could that be the first thing on my bucket list? Ha!)


  2. Hey Jessi

    Love your blog!

    I started my list about a year ago after losing my 2nd parent in 9 months. We seem to already share a lot of our list items, though I have ticked a lot off that you want to try-all were worth doing! That said-I am a 30-something person-so have a considerable head start on you! LOL

    My list is here:

    So far in a year, I have managed to achieve a lot including (deep breath):
    Sky Dive for charity (the hospice who cared for my Dad)
    Aerobatic Flying Lesson
    Helicopter Lesson
    Visit Las Vegas
    Ride the Stratosphere Rides
    Zip-line from the top of Red Mountain
    Hike through the Valley of Fire
    Visit Thailand
    Ride an Elephant
    Bungee Jump into a lake
    Do a Catapult Bungee
    Take my kids to Disney
    Experience Weightlessness in a floatation Tank
    Tour the Hoover Dam
    Fly through the Grand Canyon in a helicopter
    Camp in a Tipi (at Grand Canyon Ranch)
    Hike through the Valley of Fire
    Stay in the Bellagio
    Eat at The Top of The World revolving restaurant
    Visit Sea World
    Go to a camping Music Festival
    Go on a Spa Weekend with my Mum

    I do believe that making the list and starting the blog has been so inspirational, and I’m so glad to have stumbled across yours too!!!

    Emma =)


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